Yavagu (Rice Gruel)

ayurvedic coking recipes, yavagu , ayurveda yavaguYavagu is a simple gruel dish which is prepared using rice , water and mild spices. Its preparation is explained in texts of ayurveda.

The preparation of yavagu is as follows.

Rice – 1 measure
Water – 6 measures
Salt – Quantity required
Grated ginger – ¼ spoon
Powdered pepper – 1 pinch (Optional)

Boil rice in water till rice becomes soft. This can be can be cooked in pressure cooker also. Add salt, pepper and grated ginger when rice is well cooked and stir well. Yavagu is ready to eat.
Instead of spices and salt, sugar, cardamom and milk can be added to make a sweet variant.
According to ayurveda acharyas ,Yavagu should be administered in conditions like fever, convalescing patients and aged persons who cannot digest heavy food. It provides instant energy and helps to recuperate fast. The liquid part of yavagu is an excellent food for babies who are being introduced to semi solid foods apart from mother’s milk.

Acharya Charaka praises the benefits of yavagu as follows:
1. It increases digestion.
2. Normalizes vitiated doshas.
3. Reduces thirst.
4. Increases energy.
5. Relieves constipation.


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