Yavagu – An Ayurvedic Diet for Indigestion , Fever and Diarrhoea

In India Yavgu or Rice Gruel or Ganji is a commonly served for people who are recuperating. Here is the authentic ayurvedic recipe which is recommended as diet in indigestion, fever and diarrhoea.

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What is Yavagu ?

Yavagu Recipe

Yavagu – As an Ayurvedic Indian baby food recipe

Benefits of Yavagu

What is Yavagu ?

Yavagu is a simple gruel dish which is prepared using rice , water and mild spices. Its preparation is explained in texts of ayurveda. This dish will be like a porridge. It is known by different names in Indian language . Manda in Hindi, ganji in kannada and telugu, Kanci in Tamil, Jau in bengali, etc.

Ayurveda acharyas recommend this for persons who are recuperating. Specially in indigestion, fever, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhoea . It provides quick energy and gets metabolised easily. It also hydrates body and supplies electrolytes.

According to ayurveda ,Yavagu should be administered for aged persons who cannot digest heavy food. It provides instant energy and helps to recuperate fast.

Yavagu Recipe

The preparation of yavagu is as follows.

Ingredients : (salt version with mild spices)

Rice – 1 measure
Water – 6 measures
Salt – Quantity required
Grated ginger – ¼ spoon
Powdered long pepper – 1 pinch (Optional)

Boil rice in water till rice becomes soft. This can be can be cooked in pressure cooker also.  (Another method is to roughly dry grinding rice to get coarse powder (rava) and using it ). Add salt, pepper and grated ginger when rice is well cooked and stir well. Yavagu is ready to eat.

Ingredients : (sweet version)

Rice – 1 measure
Water – 4 measures
Milk – 2 measure
Sugar – Quantity required
Cardamom powder – ¼ spoon

Instead of spices and salt, sugar, cardamom and milk can be added to make a sweet variant.

Yavagu – As an Ayurvedic Indian baby food recipe

The liquid part of yavagu is an excellent food for babies who are being introduced to semi solid foods apart from mother’s milk. This recipe can be made nutrient dense by adding pulses (dal) and vegetables.

Here is the recipe for yavagu as ayurvedic baby food

Ingredients (Salt version)

Basmati rice – 4 cups

Moong dal – 1 cup

Cumin Seeds (jeera) –  1 tea spoon

Ingredients (Sweet version)

Basmati rice – 4 cups

Moong dal – 1 cup

Cardamom –  2 to 3 pods

Dry roast all these ingredients together till they become aromatic. Allow this to cool. Dry grind this in a mixer to rava or sooji consistency and store in an airtight container.

Add this powder to boiling water (in proportion of 1:4) and cook well. Allow it to cool. Feed this to babies when it is just warm. Add 1/2 tea spoon of ghee to this.  This provides carbohydrates and protein along with fibers. This food eases constipation

Do not use any other dal or pulse to this. Moong dal is very easy to digest and does not cause tummy troubles to babies.

You can also add juice of boiled vegetables to salt version.

Health Benefits of Yavagu

During any illness agni or digestive power will be very less. Hence our body can not digest and metabolise more complex food molecules. Hence our ayurveda scholars recommend simple food like yavagu to ease the digestion and also ensure supply of nutrients. Spices like cumin seeds, long pepper and cardamom act as agni deepaka and pachaka (spices which kindle process of digestion and act as boosters ).

Acharya Charaka praises the benefits of yavagu as follows:

1. It boosts agni i.e increases digestion.
2. Normalizes imbalanced doshas (vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha) .
3. Reduces thirst (trushna).
4. Increases energy. (Balya)
5. Relieves constipation. (vibhandha hara).

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Author : Dr.Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

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