Nilobese Ayurvedic Tea for Weight Management


NILOBESE ayurvedic herbal weight loss tea




Quantity – 100 gms

Amalaki- Phyllanthus emblica
Haritaki- Terminalia Chebula
Vibhitaki Terminalia bellirica
Vidanga-Emblia Ribes
Twak -Cinnamon zeylanica
Mishreya- saunf or Fennel Foeniculum vulgare
Ela -Elettaria cardamomum
Brihadela -Ammomum subulatum

Amla Indian gooseberry or (Phyllanthus emblica)-

Amla helps boost protein metabolism. Persons who work out and do exercises are immensely benefited by this herb. People who have a tendency to gain weight easily tend to have poor metabolism. The better your metabolism, the better the body’s ability to burn fat and keep you slim. As amla enhances metabolism, it helps you lose weight faster.

Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)–

Haritaki maintains healthy digestion and reduces the bad effects of fat rich, creamy and oily food. Haritaki is the definite help for persons who habitually overeat. Further it can supplement the Cholesterol normalizing drugs.

Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) –

Bibhitaki is particularly effective in reducing the accumulation of fat and fluids in the body. The three herbs haritaki, vibhitaki and amalaki together act as excellent weight loss combination.

Vidanga (Embelia Ribes)–

It helps to eradiacte intestinal worms. It eases the bowel movement and prevents constipation. It improves appetite and weak digestion.

Cinnamon (Cinnamon zeylanica) –

This herb helps to reduce appetite and makes to feel full. It improves metabolism. It increases blood sugar metabolism and reduces formation of fatty acids. It increases body energy level and keeps you active throught. It improves health of digestive system and keeps away infections.

Saunf or fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) –

Fennel seed suppress appetite and makes you feel full. It helps for maintenance of healthy weight. It has been used for years by fasting women to suppress hunger pangs. Thus the hunger suppressing and fat metabolizing activity of this herb help persons who are willing to lose weight.

Cardamom or Elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum)–

Cardamom helps to generate heat in body or causes thermogenesis. This increases body metabolism. Body fat is used for this process. It improves digestion and relieves stomach cramps.

Badi Elaichi or black cardamom (Ammomum subulatum)–

it has the same properties like Cardamom and boosts the effectiveness of green cardamom

How to prepare Nilobese tea Boil 1 cup of water. Switch off the stove. Add 1 spoon full (provided with the container) of Nilobese Tea to water. Cover the utensil and allow the herbs to steep. Leave it as it is for 5 minutes. Or Take 1 spoon full (approx. 5g) of Nilobese Tea. Boil it with 100ml of water for 3 minutes with the utensil covered. Filter it. Tea is ready. Allow it to cool till it becomes leuke warm.Enjoy it sip by sip. Add some lemon juice and honey according to your taste, if you find it necessary. Take it in morning & before going to bed.

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