How to Do an Ayurvedic Skin Detox at Home

Obesity and Female Hair Loss

obesity and female hair loss

obesity and female hair lossObesity in women may be a cause for hair loss. In our clinical practice we have observed a large number of obese women having thin hair. This may be due to obesity related health conditions like- diabetes. Some underlying causes for obesity, like thyroid problems, can also cause hair loss.

Geranium - Benefits For Skin

is geranium good for acne, geranium anti aging,  geranium massage oil, keep oily skin fresh

Geranium plant also known as panneer ele or panneer soppu  in kannada. Its origin is traced back to Egypt. Europeans gardeners used this plant to ward off evil spirits. The culinary use of geranium leaves is popular in some part of world. In India it is usually used in between floral garlands to enhance the aroma. The mixed aroma of jasmine flowers and geranium gives a divine feeling.

An ayurvedic skin detox at home

Ayurveda definition and function of Rasa Dhatu or lymph

ayurveda rasa dhatu

Rasa dhatu is formed when agni digests food. When food is completely digested with the help of normally secreted digestive juices, the nutritive part of the digested food is called as rasa. This nutritive juice nourishes all cells and tissues of body. It is analogous to extra cellular and intracellular fluids.

Importance of rasa:

Back Acne Natural Herbal Remedy Kit

Natural herbal remedy for back acne. Prevents eruption of back acne. Removes scars and marks. Restores and rejuvenates affected skin. Expels body toxins which cause back acne. Enhances the moistness of skin .A best complete natural back acne remedy. Makes you a proud owner of smooth and flawless skin

Wrinkles and its natural ayurveda remedies

ayurveda remedy for wrinkles

ayurveda remedy for wrinklesWrinkles appear due to ageing, dry skin and lack of moisture in skin. Massaging the body skin with milk help to reduce its dryness and increases the moistness.

Oily Skin Care-Ayurveda way

ayurveda remedies for oily skin

ayurveda remedies for oily skinHormonal imbalances in adolescence cause oily skin. This type of skin is common in teenagers. The oil secretion in skin increases during teen age and decreases as age advances. Hormonal imbalance may appear during pregnancy and menopause, which lead to increase secretion of oil from oil glands of skin. Contraceptive pills and cosmetics also tend to increase the oil secretion.

Normal skin care - Ayurveda tips and home remedies

normal skin care,Normal skin,ayurveda

normal skin care,Normal skin,ayurvedaMicroscopic section of the skin show two distinct parts. Epidermis is the top most layer. The upper layer of epidermis contains dead cells which gradually cast off . These cells are gradually replaced by fresh new cells produced by basal layer which is the lower layer of epidermis.

Tips for Normal Skin

Normal skin face pack,  normal skin care tips , ayurvedic tips for healthy skin

Normal skin face pack,  normal skin care tips , ayurvedic tips for healthy skinMassage your body daily with ayurvedic herbal oil to keep normal skin healthy. This process is called as “Abhyanga”. Massaging body with herbal oil has many benefits.


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