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Moolika Ayurveda Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) - Anti-Stress & Energy boosting - 500Mg  60 Capsules


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  1. Does not contain any metals or ashes of metals
  2. Dosage -1 capsule two times daily after food.  
  3. Side Effects – No side effects

Ashwagandha - also known as Indian Winter Cherry has the Botanical name Withania Somnifera -It is a shrub belonging to Solanace family. The various medicinal properties of ashwagandha is attributed to compounds known as withanolides which are present in it. Ashwagandha is used as an adaptogen (as it enhances endurance), rejuvenating tonic and sedative. Hence many herbalists refer this herb as Indian ginseng.

Benefits of Moolika Ayurveda Ashwagandha Capsules:

Helps in men health conditions- This magic herb increases shukra dhatu or semen, sperm count and sperm motility. It increases libido and known as best Vajikara dravya (sexual enhancer). It also helps in condition like impotence. It boosts sexual energy

Boosts female libido- It boosts women health It is also used as uterine tonic and to enhance female libido.

Calms mind and reduces stress: It improves memory, counteracts the effects of stress and calms mind. It has an ability to relieve stress. It acts as sedative. Stressed patients with insomnia are benefited by this herb. This herb can be used in Alzheimers disease, memory loss and insomnia.

Reduces joint pain:  It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been successfully used in adjuvant therapy for arthritis. It reduces inflammation of joints and eases movements.

Boosts general well being and keeps the immunity up: Generally, ashwagandha stimulates the immune system and strengthens it. It increases body energy level. Convalescent patients gain more energy and can spring back to normal routine quicker when this herb's preparations are used after illness. The immediate relapse of disease is prevented on use of Ashwagandha. This supports HIV patients by strengthening their immune system.

Improves Digestion-  Ashwagandha increases appetite. It normalizes digestion and bowel movements.

Slows down ageing process - Ashwagandha slows down ageing process when used as rasayana (rejuvenating preparation).

In hypertension or high BP - It reduces hypertension and also acts as diuretic.


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