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Moolika Ayurveda Neem Capsules- Blood Cleanser - 500Mg Extract - 60 Capsules




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  1. Does not contain any metals or ashes of metals
  2. Dosage -1 capsule two times daily after food.  
  3. Side Effects – No side effects

The chemical compounds present in neem have anti-inflammatory, anti arthritic , antipyretic, hypoglycaemic , Antifungal, spermicidal, antimalarial, antibacterial  and Diuretic  properties.

In back acne, acne and pimples: It reduces infection and inflammation of acne. Boosts immunity of skin. This prevents eruptions of acne and pimples

In psoriasis and Eczema – Neem reduces inflammation of psoriatic patches and eczema. It accelerates healing process. Since it detoxifies liver and skin, it helps in quick healing of skin lesions.

Dandruff and itchy scalp- Due to its antimicrobial properties, it fights with microbes which cause dandruff. It purifies blood and reduces itching of scalp.

In Diabetes - Scientific studies have revealed that neem reduces blood sugar level. Hence its usage supports diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar level in control. Diabetes impairs blood circulation and causes gangrene in lower extremities.  Numerous scientific researches have highlightened the role of neem in keeping circulatory system healthy, thus reducing the chances of gangrene. Recent studies have shown that neem reduces blood cholesterol level and keeps the heart healthy.

Keeps liver healthy: Regular consumption of neem helps to maintain liver health. It prevents conditions like fatty liver and jaundice.