Fairness Kit

Ayurvedic increase fairness kit - for Pimple, acne, moles, dark circles:- A complete ayurvedic approach to treat your facial skin at home. Treat pimple, acne, wrinkles, black circles black patches at home. Now a naturally smooth, fair and glowing skin is yours. Balance your doshas by adopting the modified diet and life styles. Take rejuvenating herbal drinks . Apply a face pack containing masoora, kushta, kaaliyaka etc later. Following this procedure for seven days makes your face pimple ,acne and dark circle free.

Buy Natural Herbal fairness kit ( PRODUCT ID = FK)

Consult Dr.Savitha Suri and Dr.Krishna Rao to get "fairness kit"  formulated. The formulated kit will be Shipped in India or outside India according to the requirement.

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