Tribulus Boost-Best Ayurvedic Remedy to Increase Testosterone Level

Tribulus Boost-Best Ayurvedic Remedy to Increase Testosterone Level

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Tribulus Boost-Best Ayurvedic medicine and treatment to Increase and improve Testosterone Level : This pack contains natural ayurvedic herbal supplements which help to boost testosterone level in men. It is the best ayurveda supplement to improve testosterone level. Testosterone helps to boost sexual function, improves muscle strength and increases body stamina and energy.

Contents of TRIBULUS BOOST - The best ayurvedic remedy to increase testosteron

  Rejuzoa – 60 capsules
  Gokshura – 60 capsules
  Vajimix Powder – 100 gms 
  Stallion Penis massage Oil – 30 ml free

Benefits of Tribulus Boost Pack

  • Boosts testosterone level,
  • Helps to improve libido,
  • Improves blood circulation to sustain hard erections,
  • Fights fatigue,
  • Manages mood swings,
  • Improves muscle bulk ,
  • Energizes body,
  • Builds stamina

Details Of Combo

Rejuzoa Capsules

    Quantity – 60 Capsules
    Tala Mooli (BLACKMUSLI, Curculigo Orchioides),
    kapikacchu(Mucuna pruriens),
    Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera),
    Guduchi(Tinospora Cordifolia),
    Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)
    Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris),
Kokilaksha(Astercantha longifolia)

  •     Increases duration of hard erection,
  •     Strengthens male reproductive system.
  •     Helps in production of healthy sperms and increases its motility

    Dosage:-1 capsule twice daily after food

Gokshura Capsules – 60

    Ingredient-Tribulus Terrestris  extract- 250 mg

  •     Helps to boost testosterone,
  •     improves blood circulation,
  •     boosts strength and improves muscle tone

    Dosage-1 capsule twice daily after food

Vajimix Powder
    Quantity-100 gms 
    Shweta Musli- Chlorophytum Borivilianum
    kapikacchu- Mucuna pruriens
    ashwagandha- Withania Somnifera
    shatavari -Asparagus racemosus
    vidarikanda-Pueraria Tuberose
    Gokshura -Tribulus Terrestris

  •     Helps in overcoming premature ejaculation,
  •     Helps promote stamina, energy and confidence.
  •     It helps to increase libido and restore potency.
  •     Helps to increase the level of sexual energy.
  •     Helps restore vitality.
  •     Helps in maintaining stiff erection thereby maximizing sexual pleasure.
  •     Helps enhance blood flow to lower extremities

    Dosage:1 tea spoon twice daily after food with a glass of milk or water

FREE Stallion Penis massage Oil – 30 ml

    Ashwagandha –     Withania somnifera
    Atmagupta -Mucuna pruriens
    Shatavari -Asparagus Racemosus
    Gokshura -Tribulus Terrestris
    Sesame Oil -Sesamum indicum

  •     Helps to improve Penis curvature,
  •     Useful when penis size is small.
  •     Helps in Premature ejaculation.
  •     Supports Male libido.
  •     Used in conditions like Thin penis.
  •     Helps in Erectile dysfunction.
  •     Strengthens the veins and muscles of penis, improves blood circulation to penis.

    Dosage:Gently massage on shaft and testicles


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