Jeeraka or jeera – Cuminum Cyminum

Botanical Description of – Jeera Cuminum Cyminum BOTONICAL NAME : Cuminum Cyminum FAMILY:  Apiaceae STRUCTURE: The Cuminum Cyminum plant is a herbacious plant Stem : slender, branched The mature stems may vary from 20 to 30 cms . Leaf :Pinnate or Bipinnate and contain leaflets which are threadlike HABITAT: Needs hot Climate to grow. Grown …

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Commending Cumin seeds

Cummin seed or jeera is seeds of flowering plant Cuminum Cyminum . This plant, native of east India and east Mediterranean, belongs to family Apeaceae.  The herbaceous plant Cuminum Cyminum  grows to a height of 20- 30 cms. Leaves of this plant are pinnate and bear thread like leaflets. The seeds of Cuminum Cyminum have …

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