Ayurveda Says Butter is Better

health benefits of butter, butter ayurveda, butter is good for health, How much butter should I eat a day

health benefits of butter, butter ayurveda, butter is good for health, How much butter should I eat a dayButter was a staple dietary ingredient since ages. It was being used by many cultures. But all who used butter in those times remained healthy and fit. But why butter is being pushed aside as a saturated fat in recent past?

Does ghee increase blood cholesterol?

ghee cholesterol, ghee cholesterol level, ghee ayurveda

ghee cholesterol, ghee cholesterol level, ghee ayurvedaPure ghee, obtained by heating butter is considered as sacred in Indian Society. It is used in religious rituals and festivals. In Indian cuisine ghee enjoys a special consideration. It imparts a delicious taste and aroma to food.

Ayurveda medicinal properties of Ksheerabala oil

Rejuvenation therapy with Drakshadi Rasayana

Drakshadi Rasayana,

Drakshadi Rasayana, Rasayana therapy or Rejuvenation therapy helps to slow down ageing process, increases memory, boosts body immunity, and enhances complexion and youthfulness of skin. Sense organs and voice regain their sharpness.

Ample of water a day can keep doctor away

water health benefits, water ayurveda

water health benefits, water ayurvedaWater is the major constituent of our body. It is considered as macronutrient by nutritionists.  It is very essential to keep our body well hydrated to maintain the normal body functions.

Tikta Rasa or bitter taste – an Ayurveda View

bitter taste ayurveda, tikta rasa, ayurveda bitter taste foods

bitter taste ayurveda, tikta rasa, ayurveda bitter taste foodsMost of us have averseness towards bitter tasting foods. According to texts of ayurveda the bitter taste is made up of Akasha (space element)  and  Vayu (air element). This taste cleanses the mouth. Once we taste the bitter foods or herbs, it becomes difficult to identify other tastes immediately.

Ayurveda Health benefits of Rock salt or Sendha namak

ayurveda health benefits of rock salt , sendha namak health benefits, Sendha namak ayurveda, rock salt for skin, rock salt for high BP

rock salt ayurveda, saindhav salt, saindhava lavana, sendha namak , Sendha Namak or Rock Salt is also known as "Saindhav Lavan" in Ayurveda. Health Benefits of rock salt are numerous. This can be used for skin to enhance glow, It is good for persons who have high BP and also gives very good results in psoriasis when used as scrub. 

Classification of tastes or Rasas as explained in ayurveda

ayurveda rasa, ayurveda taste

ayurveda rasa, ayurveda tasteTaste is one of the attributes of food. According to ayurvedic text books and principles of ayurveda, tastes are of six types. We all know there are 5 fundamental elements or panchamahabhutas. Each taste has combination of two fundamental elements. The combination of fundamental elements determines the qualities of respective taste or rasa.

The Food You Eat nourishing or Slow Poison?- beware of opposite foods

opposite foods, ayurveda opposite foods, ayurveda food combinations

The food which we prepare should fulfill many criterion.  The food has to be tasty, nourishing and should not harm body. Texts of ayurveda say a strict no to few combinations of ingredients. They describe these combinations as opposite foods. Opposite food combinations lead to accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins act like slow poisons which can become root cause for other diseases.

Ayurveda Sweet Taste - Madhura Rasa

ayurveda sweet taste,  madhura rasa, madhura rasa Ayurveda, sweet taste Ayurveda, sweet taste meaning ,

Madhura rasa or sweet taste in ayurveda - The madhura rasa or sweet taste usually gives a sticky sensation in mouth. It satisfies hunger and food craving. This rasa is made up of 2 fundamental elements -Prithvi  ( earth element)  and ambu (water element).

Sweet taste is referred as follows in different languages


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