Ample of water a day can keep doctor away

water health benefits, water ayurveda

water health benefits, water ayurvedaWater is the major constituent of our body. It is considered as macronutrient by nutritionists.  It is very essential to keep our body well hydrated to maintain the normal body functions.

Benefits of boiled water

benefits of drinking boiled water

benefits of drinking boiled waterMost of the pains in body are generally caused by Vata dosha. One of two major reasons for vitiation of Vata is the diet and lifestyle which causes loss of dhatus. The Vata takes the space created by leaving dhatus.. Second reason is the traffic jam.

Water - the Elixir of Life

water ayurveda, ayurveda water drinking

water ayurveda, ayurveda water drinking75% of earth’s area is covered by water. Water is the major component of all living beings and it is the major constituent of human cells. Ayurveda considers water (aap or jala) as one of panchamahabhutas. ( Panchamahabhutas  constitute human body).

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