Ayurveda Medha Dhatu or Body Fat

Medha Dhatu or Body Fat in Ayurveda

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Medha dhatu or meda dhatu is 4th among ayurveda dhatus. Dhatus are body tissues as explained in Ayurveda. Medha dhatu is body fat.

“Swatejombu gunaasnigdho drktam medhobhijayate”

Medha dahtu (body fat) gets nutrients from mamsa dhatu (muscles). The nutrients required to form medha dhatu are present in mamsa dhatu. These nutrients get metabolized with water and form medha dahtu or fat tissue. Medha dahtu is snigdha (oily) and soft .

Functions of medha dahtu

“medah snehaswedou pustimastnanncha karoti ”

The function of meda dhatu is lubrication. Ayurveda acharyas compare this tissue to ghee. As ghee is used for oleation body uses medha dhatu to run the body function smoothly.

This tissue makes body look soft and glowing. A balanced medha dhatu makes person look healthy.

A normal amount of these tissues gives a good shape to the body.

It is the reason for the production of sweat and keeps the skin moist. This prevents drying of the skin.

In a balanced condition, this dhatu strengthens the body, provides energy, and nourishes its next dhatu , that is asthi dhatu or bone tissue.

This tissue protects internal organs by providing them a cushioning effect and also provides insulation to the body.

It controls body temperature and provides energy for body functions.

Doshas and Medha dhatu

Kapha dosha controls the increase and decrease of this dhatu. When Kapha dosha increases medha dhatu increases. When Kapha dhatu decreases medha dhatu decreases.

What Happens when medha dhatu decreases ?

A decrease in medha dhatu decreases body weight. When it is decreased than the normal limit it causes crackling of joints, tiredness, and fatigue, loss of glow in eyes, tiered eyes, thinning of the abdomen.

What happens when meda dhatu increases? ( Increase in body fat )

Increased meda dhatu increases body weight. It leads to fatigue or tiredness. Even a slight exertion like walking or climbing stairs leads to dyspnoea or gasping for breath (panting).

Increased medha dhatu destroys the good appearance of the body. It gets deposited in the buttocks, thighs, breasts, abdomen, and arms. These body parts become enlarged and pendulous. This condition is known as sthoulya or Obesity in Ayurveda.

An imbalance in this dhatu reduces lifespan. According to research, obesity leads to diabetes, heart attacks, and increased lipid levels or cholesterol in the blood

Obesity or sthoulya reduces body immunity. Man becomes more susceptible to diseases.

This condition also leads to increased appetite and thirst. Increased appetite leads to more consumption of food which once again gets deposited as body fat. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Athisthoulya or Imbalances in meda dhatu prevents nourishment of successive dhatus. That is ashthi dhatu (bone tissue), majja dhatu (bone marrow) and Shukra dhatu (semen) suffer under nourishments. This leads to osteoporosis, weak joint, obesity-related erectile dysfunction, infertility in men, and PCOS or pcod in women.

What Causes Increase in Body Fat or Medha Dhatu?

Overeating of high-calorie foods like sweets, oil or fat, carbohydrates, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, etc through kapha off balance and lead to an increase in medha dhatu.

Sedentary works like sitting for a very long time and lack of physical mobility also lead to increase in meda dhatu.

Sexual inactiveness or not having sex regularly can also lead to an increase in body fat tissue.

Increased Stress also causes the accumulation of body fat. Other causes for this are hereditary.

Sleeping for very long hours and sleeping in the afternoon leads to sthoulya.

How to Lose Body Fat in Ayurvedic Way ? Body Fat Treatment in Ayurveda.

The first principle to balance meda dhatu is to balance Kapha. Cutting on high calories foods like sweets, ice cream, chocolates, bakery foods, junk foods etc help to prevent kapha increase. Eating plant proteins like beans specially horse gram, raw salads, and a high-fiber diet also aid in reducing Kapha. Regular exercises help to dissolve accumulated medha dhatu. A brisk walk for 45 minutes is an ideal exercise to reduce body fat. Having sex frequently also reduces meda dhatu. Follow ayurvedic daily routine or dinacharya to keep the doshas and dhatus in balance.

Use Ayurvedic herbs to lose body Fat

Herbs and Herbal combinations like Triphala, Vrukshamla (Garcinia), Vidanga, Shilajit, Amla Etc help to balance medha dhatu and reduce obesity.

Spices that are available on kitchen shelves like green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, Cumin seeds or Jeera, Turmeric etc also help in balancing body fat.

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