Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Makhana-Fox Nut-Euryale ferox

Fox nut or makhana is used in conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, PCOS, low sperm count  (oligospermia), and low sperm motility, IBS. It helps in weight loss, hair growth, and skin glow

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Health Benefits of makhana

The plant fox nut belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae. It is popularly known as “Makhana” or phool makhana in India. It grows in water and is found in India, Korea, Japan, and Russia.

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Table of Content
Makhana in ayurveda,
Makhana for males in Erectile Dysfunction and Low sperm count,
Makhana for weight loss
Makhana for diabetes
Makhana for pcos

Fox nut in  Ayurveda

Fox nut is known by different names in Ayurveda and other Indian languages.

  • Sanskrit – makahana (It is used in yaga and yajna), padmabeejabha (looks like padma beeja), paaneeyaphala (It grows in water),
  • English – Fox nut
  • Hindi – Makhana
  • Punjabi – Jaivar
  • Telugu – Melluni padmamu
  • Bengali – Makhana
  • Marathi – Mane
  • Gujarati – Makhana
  • Urdu – Kanta Padm
  • Manipuri – Thangjing
  • Japanee – Onibas, Onibasu
  • Nikori – Assamese

Fox nut plant does not have a stem. It has large round leaves and produces bright purple flowers. The whole plant is covered with small thorns (kantaka in ayurveda). The leaves of the fox nut plant have a green upper surface and purple shaded lower surface. This plant produces fruits that are about the size of a small orange. Each fruit contains 8-10 seeds which are pea-size.

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Makhana or Fox Nut

Texts of Ayurveda explain the health benefits, medicinal properties, and uses of makhana as follows.

health benefits of makhana

These seeds have sweet (madhura rasa ), astringent (kashaya rasa), and bitter (tikta rasa) tastes. But retains only a sweet taste after digestion. ,  Heavy to digest (guru), increases the moistness of tissues (snigdha), and has cold potency (sheeta veerya). It balances Vata dosha and pitta dosha.

“Vrushya” – Fox nut in Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sperm Count

Ayurveda acharyas praise these seeds as “vrushya” or aphrodisiac. These seeds are recommended to improve men’s health. They help in male health conditions like erectile dysfunction,  low sexual energy, and infertility. Makhanna increases the stickiness of secretions by increasing the moisture level in the body. Hence it increases the quality and quantity of semen, sperm count and is useful in impotence. It strengthens and improves the health of shukra dhatu. Makhana prevents premature ejaculation and increases libido.

It is an important ingredient of herbal preparations used for klaibya or erectile dysfunction. It strengthens the body and increases the energy level. Because of its aphrodisiac properties, it is grouped under vrishyadi varga. The herbs under this group are used in vajikarana therapy (Ayurveda Vajikarana Therapy)

Fox nut for Weight Loss

These seeds are low in calories, hence they can be chosen as an excellent snack by persons who want to lose weight. They also have a good amount of protein which helps to prevent food cravings and overeating. Saturated fats are in very negligible amounts in fox nut seeds and they are also low in glycemic index. These facts make makhanas a very good weight loss (Five Effective Ayurvedic Tea Recipes for Weight Loss) snack for persons who suffer from obesity (Ayurvedic Herbs, Medicine and Treatment for Obesity) and want to lose weight. These are also very good for women who want to lose weight after pregnancy .

Fox nut for Diabetes

As told earlier makhanas contain both proteins and carbohydrates in good proportion and are low in glycemic index, hence they help in the management of blood sugar levels if consumed properly. The presence of high magnesium low sodium and fiber in these seeds help diabetic patients to manage blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can use dry roasted fox nuts in salads and soups to reap the benefits. But never use sweets prepared with makhana. It is also useful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to diabetes as it acts as an aphrodisiac and also controls blood sugar levels.

Fox nut “Garbha samsthapaka” – Helps in PCOS and Safe Pregnancy

These seeds are eulogized as garbha samsthapaka which means they help in the continuation of pregnancy without any troubles. Women who face habitual abortion or threatened abortion can use these seeds.

Apart from this they also help in weight loss and control blood sugar well. Makhana can be used by women who have PCOS or PCOD as an Ayurvedic Treatment diet at Home. They make the best snack in PCOS ayurvedic diet

“Balya” – Boosts strength and immunity

Makhana or fox nut helps to increase body energy and boost immunity (Boost Immunity Through Ayurveda – Foods and Herbs).  It reduces burning sensation and quenches thirst. This is very useful in cystitis and UTI (Cystitis and UTI in Ayurveda).

“Vishtambhi” – Can cause constipation

These seeds can cause constipation (Natural Ayurvedic Remedies for Constipation) when used in excess. Constipation can cause erectile dysfunction. Pregnant women should be very careful while eating this as it may cause constipation. Consuming ghee and milk along with phool makhana helps to overcome this problem.

Uses of Fox nut or makhana in alternative medicine systems

According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine fox nut or Makhana is used to strengthen the spleen and kidneys. It is indicated in conditions like spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, neuralgia, incontinence, cystitis, chronic diarrhea, etc. According to herbalists it is helpful in preventing the early discharge of semen and restores sexual vigor in older men.( Because of this property the fox nut is categorized under Vajikarana dravyas in texts of Ayurveda.) Makhana helps in conditions like arthritis (Ayurvedic Remedy and Tips for Rheumatoid Arthritis (amavata)), erectile dysfunction, and premature aging. This herb has antioxidant properties and helps in digestion, rejuvenates the respiratory system, and prevents frequent urination.

Nutrition value of Fox nut or makhana

These seeds contain carbohydrates, protein, very low fat, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron. It is very low in glycemic index.

Makhana with milk a sweet pudding:

Roast 1 cup of makhana in 3 teaspoons of ghee in a thick-bottomed vessel.  Powder roasted makhanas coarsely. Boil 2 cups of milk add powdered makhana to it. Add 3/4 cup sugar and stir well. Allow it to boil for a few minutes. If needed more hot milk can be added to get the required consistency. Take it off from fire, add powdered cardamom, chopped almonds, raisins, and cashew nuts.

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Author : Dr. Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

Reference https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311631520_Nutritional_status_of_recently_developed_Makhana_Gorgon_Nut_variety_Swarna_Vaidehi

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